Energizing the Sales Force in a Down Economy The sales managers job is many-fold cheerleader

The cost-effective downturn has produced a tidal wave of negative conditions, some of possess overwhelmed even the most beneficial sales organizations. Time is of the essence! Sales managers cannot wait place into action their highest levels of leadership skills necessary to reenergize their sales force. More than ever before, sales managers really should communicate effectively with their team. That means helping salespeople develop and conserve a positive attitude, keep their eyes open for sales opportunities, and maintain attention on excelling.

Impact of the “Recovery” on Sales The recession and anemic recovery in North America have had their effects on corporate purchasing departments and decisionmakers. It s difficult for buyers to decide whether now is the right time to pull the trigger on a purchase as soon as the economic outlook is “unusually uncertain.” Consequently, many organizations have adjusted their purchasing strategies. They ve retracted on expenditures, expanded their balances, and reduced their product offerings to cut costs and be prepared for future economic changes.

This has a huge impact on the success of sales teams. And it s not just businessesconsumers are equally uncertain, consequently are paying off debt and increasing savings instead involving consumer goods. The organizational process for making purchases has changed in the last months, as well. When times are good, purchasing decisions are made more freely and at lower levels within the organization. During periods of economic uncertainty, businesses and football halftime cheers are more likely to delay purchasing decisions until next quarter or take better care.

The decisionmaking process now may involve more people from within the company and more layers of approval at higher heights. And when companies do make purchases, they tend to place part of the order now and the rest at a later date so as not to deplete their cash flow or credit lines. A 3rd impact of the sluggish economy on corporate procedures is the tendency to insource services.